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      Updated: 10/4/2009

My War-Gaming Miniatures

Here you will find galleries of my completed miniatures for Federation Commander / Star Fleet Battles and OGRE/G.E.V. (the two game systems I buy minis for).
There's lots of games out there (Full Thrust, etc.), but these are the two that have held my interest for over 20 years.


  My completed master-copy sculpting projects are documented HERE.


All of my in-progress work can be seen on my

minis page (note that there are multiple "albums" under that initial page; Master Sculpts, etc.).

  The galleries are full of placeholder images at the moment (and will be updated as minis are completed and photographed). They are arranged by Empire/Faction/etc.:  
    by Amarillo Design Bureau  
    by Steve Jackson Games  


Hire me to build, modify or paint your miniatures!

Minis for Clients


Here you will find resources and articles I have written or collected to help you build, modify, and paint your minis.

Minis Articles, "How-To's", & Reviews


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