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      Updated: 4/18/2009

My War-Gaming Miniatures Built and Painted for Clients

NOTE: Due to recent "life events", I am not accepting any commissions at this time (other than master sculpting).

I am sometimes available to build, modify, kitbash, and paint miniatures for Federation Commander / Star Fleet Battles and OGRE/G.E.V. (the two game systems I have experience with). I work with hardware miniatures (tanks, starships, etc.) - I can't accept any figure painting work as I don't think I could do justice to human(oid) faces, etc.

I am also available for sculpting of master models for miniatures. My master for the Federation Express Courier Boat starship is about to go into production for Amarillo Design Bureau.

As this is a hobby (and doing client work takes away from hobby time for myself; which itself is limited to begin with due to "real life"), I charge 40 US Dollars per hour for my time (this price was set by my wife and she is not open to negotiation, sorry). The purchase price of the miniature, custom decals, and any shipping is in addition to this. I typically don't charge for incidental materials like putties, paints, clear-coats, etc. unless I am requested to use materials I don't have ready access to or have not worked with before.

Gallery of Client Work

I currently specialize in a modification of the Federation Strike Cruiser mini, with engines relocated to the bottom of a custom-sculpted hull on angled pylons. I have built four of these (two for myself and two for a client), with a fifth about to start (for another client).

These are photos of the Fed CS modifications I did for my first client, in November 2007 (click any of the images for a larger version):





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