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      Updated: 9/17/2009

Internet Radio (and broadcast radio)    
  DJ Todd's Real Synthetic Audio.
Easily my favorite online industrial show. Updated weekly and always made with "canadian ham" and fish tank noises in the background.
  Seattle's own C-89 FM.
Over 25 years of dance music, broadcast from a High School educational station, programmed and aired much better than some professional stations. I used to volunteer there to help spin the Wednesday night "C-89 Underground Rave" and then the "C-89 Underground" shows with Jason "Hitmaster" Micherre and "your host" Damon Micheals.
Paul Alienikoff has hosted the Sunday industrial/gothic show "On The Edge" for many years now and continues to do a great job.
Places to get good tunes    

  More expensive than iTunes, but no f*#~ing DRM (the songs are yours, use them as you want) and they only do dance music. They don't have everything (yet), but they carry a lot of stuff no one else does.
I spend a lot of time there browsing and a good chunk of change buying.

  Also More expensive than iTunes, but (like Beatport) no f*#~ing DRM (the songs are yours, use them as you want). Masterbeat carries more mainstream dance music than Beatport, so if you're looking for Kylie or Rihanna, this is the place.
Masterbeat gets a bunch of my money too.
  As-above with Beatport, more expensive than iTunes, but no f*#~ing DRM (the songs are yours, use them as you want). They don't quite have the selection that iTunes does, but they are getting closer every day..
I spend a fortune there.

The place to find mash-ups and cool homemade remixes.
If you can find it... the url changes. A lot.

  NWDMA. My "alma mater" in dance music. The oldest dj record pool in Seattle, and one of the longest standing pools in the US. I was a proud member for nearly ten years during the 1990's, working my way up to #13 in a membership of 50. My online moniker "djdood" originated with a comic strip I used to draw for the pool's monthly newsletter.
Bands I like (and seem to like me too)    
  Caesar (Wideband Network) Filori + Paul (Psykosonik) Sebastian
= Basic Pleasure Model.

Their second single is available now (click here), featuring a remix by yours truly.
  Caesar (Basic Pleasure Model) Filori + Casey (3PM) Clark
= Wideband Network.
  Chris Ianuzzi.
NY's own one man synth army.
  Dave Strand & Co.
Arizona must put something in the water.
  Carsten P's one man industrial show.

  Ian 'LV' Davenport (aka FakeID, Lionel Vinyl, Gloomy Bear, etc., etc. etc.). Whatever name he decides to use, he's one of the best underground remixers working.

He's currently half of Geek Chic Soundsystem.

OTHER PEOPLE I LIKE (who don't seem to mind me)


  Video editing and production, with discriminating taste in backing music (I've done several tracks for him).
  The man with Flash and PhotoShop, and a damn good bass player too


  The on-going antics of Oneryboy, Dirtygirl and their pet zombie Brian.
Updated very infrequently, unfortunately.
  Oneryboy artist Michael Lalonde does all the art from ideas by his partner Jennifer for this awesome t-shirt and other goodies site. Nice people, cool & cute shirts, great service.
  Seattle's own Japanese-import store. Get yer chogokin there.
  It's not news, it's...
Once you get passed the incredibly cluttered site design, you can get lost there for days. And keep coming back.
  Homestar Runner is my hero but I want to be as cool as Strong Bad someday.
The Brothers Chaps are geniuses in my book.
  Weebl and Bob. Pure joy in an egg-shape.
and Kenya.
and Magical Trevor.
and Space is Fun (aka Spaceworms).
and Choccy.
and, yes, Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom... Snake.
  Every cool thing done in Flash ends up here. Lot's of fun little diversions
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