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      Updated: 12/3/2009


I am available for live drumming, remix and original music production, audio post-production and restoration, music and other audio editing, live dj'ing, and music consultation. I have 20 years of experience. Just email me for details of what I can bring to your project.

I stream live DJ sets every Thursday evenings, on Twitch at Twtich

  I use and recommend        







Hart Dynamics Acupad electronic drum pads and triggers.


Alesis drum modules.


DW Drums pedals.


Sonic Foundry (now Sony Media Software) digital audio editing
and creation software.









Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio and other
music production software.


Stanton turntables.


Denon cd-players.


Beatport is the best on-line music store for dance music.
Way better than iTunes. High-quality files (multiple formats)
and DRM-free.

  Amazon doesn't have the depth that Beatport does.
They do have all the general-interest music and they only sell high-quality,
DRM-free, mp3's.


    as EvlFkr   They're Underground 2004_Demo, Beyond Mortal Men, Roswell, Lies Buy Lies (Demos)   as airplaneonground   none to-date  
    as DJdood   Several "bed" tracks for Grubworks Digital, They're Underground 1994, Socks, Just A Phase, They're Underground (original - 1992)          
    as Direct Effect
(with Caesar Filori)
  C-89 Underground Rave (radio show intro), Crunchin', Seizure, Seizure (Remix), Upbeat Track, numerous television soundbed tracks   as Direct Effect
(with Caesar Filori and Shawn McGoldrick)
  Strange (sometimes known as 'Strange Masochist')  
Remixes (multitrack)




    none pending (I am focusing on sculpting right now)   Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück (DJdood Remix)    (just for fun) 2007
Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück (DJdood Drumless Remix)   
(just for fun) 2007
Basic Pleasure Model - How To Live (DJdood Remix)   BUY IT
Basic Pleasure Model - Sunyatta (DJdood Extended Version) [unreleased]
Wideband Network - Orbit (DJdood's Periapsis Vocal Remix) [Promo 3" CD Only]
Wideband Network - Orbit (DJdood's Planet Of Life Extended Version) [web download exclusive]
Wideband Network - Orbit (DJdood's C-89 Radio Exclusive Remix) [unreleased]
Moby - Everytime You Touch Me (Touched In Seattle Remix by DJdood) [remix contest entry - I lost...]
Direct Effect - Strange (Extended Version)
[remixed with Shawn McGoldrick] [unreleased]
Jordan & The Jazz Cat Cairo - Egyptian Women (Belly Dance Mix)
[remixed with Shawn McGoldrick] [unreleased]
Jordan & The Jazz Cat Cairo - Animal Church (Temple of Raw Ritual Mix)
[rmx with S.McGoldrick] [unreleased]

DIGITAL (1996 and-on)


7½IPS REEL-TO-REEL (1987-1996)

    And One - Body Company (DJdood Re-Edit) 2007
And One - Military Fashion Show (DJdood Re-Edit) 2007
And One - Panzermensch (Djdood Edit) 2008
Alice In Videoland - Cut The Crap (DJdood Re-Edit)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-Stop Violence (DJdood ReEdit)
Apoptygma Bezerk - Unicorn (DJdood Ext. of Alan Cohen Remix)
Ascii.Disko - Baphomet (DJdood Edit)
Assemblage 23 - Let The Wind Erase Me (DJdood Ext. Version)
Bodyrox feat. Luciana D - Yeah Yeah (Ramirez Mix, Ext. by DJdood)
Bt - Superfabulous (DJdood Version)
Cat Rapes Dog - How The Country Falls (DJdood Ext. Version)
Coldplay - Clocks (Royksopp Remix, DJdood Edit)
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat (DJdood Edit)
Covenant - Bullet (DJdood Ext. Version)
Drunkness - Der Tanz Des Bosen (DJdood Ext. Version)
Effcee - Perfect (DJdood Ext. Version)
Flesh Field - Disillusion (DJdood Ext. Version)
Girls Under Glass - Minddiver (DJdood Ext. Version)
God Lives Underwater - All Wrong (DJdood Remix)
God Lives Underwater - Don't Know How To Be (DJdood Remix)
Gorillaz feat. Shawn Ryder - Dare (DJdood Re-Edit)
Gravity Kills - Forward/Hold (DJdood Combo-Mix)
Gravity Kills - Last (DJdood Ext. Version)
Hate Dept. - Peace Is Your Dream (DJdood Remix)
i,Synthesist - The Lost Parade (DJdood Ext. Version)
Icon Of Coil - Shelter (DJdood Ext. Version)
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse V4 (DJdood Ext. Version)
KMFDM - Anarchy (DJdood Remix 2003) [originally remixed in 1997]
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel (DJdood Version)
KMFDM - Power (DJdood Mix)
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (DJdood Re-Edit) 2006
Laibach - Sympathy for The Devil (DJdood Ext. Version)
La Roux - Bulletproof (DJdood Re-Edit)
L'âme Immortelle - Judgement (DJdood Ext. Version)
Le Tigre - After Dark (DJdood Edit) 2006
Liberty City - Some Lovin (DJdood Ext. Version)
Luxt - World Of Hurt (DJdood Re-Speed_124.5BPM)
Melotron - Gib Mir Alles (DJdood Ext. Version)
Ministry - We Believe (DJdood Ext. Version)
Mos Def & Massive Attack - I Against I (DJdood Re-Speed_112BPM)
Nine Inch Nails - God Is Dead (DJdood Remix)
Razed In Black - Oh My Goth (DJdood Ext. Version)
Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemĝller Remix, DJdood Radio Edit) 2007
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (DJdood ReEdit) 2006
SKOLD - Chaos (DJdood Remix)
Soho - Goddess (DJdood Remix)
Solitary Experiments - Do You Feel (DJdood Remix)
Solitary Experiments - Fast Forward (Total Rewind, DJdood Ext.) 2005
S.P.O.C.K. - Babylon 5 (DJdood Ext. Version)
Stromkern - Perfect Sunrise (DJdood Ext. Version) 2007
Switchblade Symphony - Bad Trash (DJdood Ext. Version)
The Factory - Couldn't Love You More (DJdood Ext. Edit) 2006
The Overlords - Organic! (DJdood Mix) *
The Roots & Bt - Tao Of The Machine (DJdood Ext. Version)
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now (DJdood Ext. Version)
The Strand - Chicks Suck [Or Guys Suck] (DJdood Ext. Version)
Thomas Rusiak - Hiphopper (DJdood Ext. Version)
Vengaboys - Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song) (DJdood Edit)
Venus Hum - Montana (DJdood Edit) 2005
VNV Nation - Chrome (SiTD Remix _ DJdood ReEdit) 2006
Wolfsheim - Once In A Lifetime (DJdood Ext. Version)
  Book Of Love - Megamix
Boney M - Young, Free, & Single (Club Mirage Remix by DJdood)
Breathe - Say A Prayer (93.3 KUBE Remix by DJdood)
Chimo Bayo - A Si Me Gusta A Mi (DJdood Mix)
Depeche Mode - Dangerous (Road Hazard Mix by DJdood)
Depeche Mode - Songs Of Violation And Devotion Megamix
Depeche Mode - W.I.M.E. Medley (Mirage/Simpsons Party Mix)
Erasure - Megamix Pt.1
Heavenly Bodies - Rains On Me (DJdood Mix)
Messiah - C-89 Underground Megamix
Pet Shop Boys - Megamix
Renegade Soundwave - Cocaine Sex (DJdood Remix)
Scritti Politti - Medley
Sex-Mix Megamix
Sir Mix A Lot - Klub KGRG Megamix
Tara Kemp - Hold You Tight (93.3 KUBE Remix by DJdood)
  CASSETTE TAPE (1985-1987)
  Information Society - 89.9 Klub KGRG Insoc Medley (by DJdood)
numerous re-edits & short medleys

DIGITAL (1996 and-on)



    DJdood's Beatport Mix (2006, electro house, progressive house, trance)
DJdood - Stainless Steel gift Providers 2004 (ebm/synthpop/industrial)
numerous unreleased dj-mixes, 1994-2003
DJdood - Whitelabel Test Copy, 1992 (trance/acid/breaks)
  numerous C-89 Underground broadcast master tapes, 1994
KUBE 93.3 FM, KUBE Hotmix, 9/1992 (pop/r&b/pop-rock)
Fun 3000, 1991 (alternative/pop-rock/pop/r&b/hiphop)
Fun 2000, 1991 (alternative/pop-rock/pop/r&b/hiphop)
Fun 1000, 1990 (alternative/pop-rock/pop/r&b/hiphop)
numerous Klub KGRG "Master Mix" sets, aired 1988-1989
numerous unreleased dj-mixes, 1986-1990
Radio Mix-shows
    KHNC 89.5 FM, Various remixes, extended edits, and remix radio edits, 2006-current
KHNC 89.5 FM, C-89 Underground (with Host Damon Micheals and additional DJ Jason "Hitmaster" Mascheri), 1994-1995
KHNC 89.5 FM, C-89 Underground Rave (with Host Damon Micheals, additional DJ's DJ Jason "Hitmaster" Mascheri and Tripper), 1994
KGRG 89.9 FM, Klub KGRG (host and DJ), 1988-1989
KGRG 89.9 FM, Klub KGRG (with Host "J.C."), 1988
Clubs   Events
    2218 (Seattle, WA; 21+), 1994-1995
DV8 (Seattle, WA; 16+), 1993 (2 weeks)
Omni Nightclub (Kent, WA; 16+), 1989
Mirage Nightclub (Seattle, WA; 18+), 1988-1991
    Industrial Strength Halloween Hell-night 2006 - Night of the Apocalypso
Industrial Strength Halloween Hell-night 2005 - Area 51 Sci Fi
Industrial Strength Halloween Hell-night 2004
Industrial Strength Halloween Hell-night 200
numerous raves and warehouse parties
Euphoria club night, Omni Nightclub (Kent, WA; 18+), 1992
    un-named Caesar Filori project [covers and organic originals] (drums, backing vocals?) summer 2005
airplaneonground [ebm-flavored synthpop] [solo project] (vocals, keys, programming, mixing) summer 2005
Evl_Fkr [dark electronica, industrial] [solo project] (vocals, keys, programming, mixing) 1995-current
Second Hand Boyfriends
(also known as Brave Nude Whirl) [twisted loungey/funky eighties covers] (drums) 2000
Direct Effect [original "techno", later more electronica-flavored] (keys, programming, mixing) 1992-1994
Jordan & The Jazz Cat Cairo
[original guitar-driven synthpop] (touring drummer, road-prep, remixing) 1992-1993
Four Basic Imbeciles [assorted "positive message" covers, originals] (drums, backing vocals) 1987-1988
Buss Tü Drive [one-off show - punked-up Weird Al Yankovik cover] (drums) 1987
Lee Oswold & Friends [one-off show - Black Flag cover] (drums) 1986
The Spacecases [eighties hair-metal covers] (drums, backing vocals) 1984
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