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      Updated: 8/16/2015

Who the Hell is "DJDood?"

Name: Will McCammon
Location: Suburb outside of Seattle, WA USA
Day-Job: Technical Designer for The Boeing Company

Lacking another place to explain it, here is the story behind my rather inane dj and online handle.

My online handle was given to me. I use DJDood for everything, my domain (, my LJ, yahoo, just about anywhere I don't want to have my given name spammed out of existence.

Way back, I used to draw a cartoon in a monthly newsletter for the DJ pool I was in. Lacking a name for it, the editor and I just started calling it DJ Dude (cause that's what he was). Later when some friends and I wanted to start throwing raves, we all needed pseudonyms (since nobody used their real names in that scene at the time). My pals decided I HAD to be DJ Dude but they tweaked the spelling to DJDood (with the "O D" in it). Why they felt my name needed a drug reference, since 2 of the 3 of us were full-time sober (me being one of them), is beyond me. The name stuck, and I've been DJDood ever since. It's cheese, but it's mine and it's almost never taken.

Eventually, I'll put up something better and more profound here.
For now, here is the bio I submitted to .

A Montana native but long-time Seattle resident, Will McCammon has been a drummer since 1982.

Starting as many do with snare drum in grade school band, Will eventually begged his parents enough that they picked him up a flimsy "Maxi Tone" drum set from a garage sale. He never looked back from there. Trying to teach himself to play kit was very frustrating but a few lessons from a friend of his Father set him straight. Turns out, Will is partially ambidextrous with the left-hand dominant. Flipping the arrangement of his drums suddenly made everything "click" and he's played a "backwards" kit ever since.

A life-long music fan, Will fell deeply in love with the drum machine-driven music of the 1980's and the more organic and aggressive rhythms of punk rock.

After several high-school garage bands, Will eventually formed 'Four Basic Imbeciles' with schoolmates and friends of friends. F.B.I. went on to tour youth events around the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1987. The breakup of this band for college, etc. was very disappointing, as it had much promise. Lacking other band-oriented contacts, Will took up dj'ing to keep close to music. He eventually hosted a club music radio mix-show on college radio and spinned at several local nightclubs and warehouse rave parties. Will also began experimenting with remixing/re-editing of songs for his dj sets.

In 1992 Will was picked-up to be a dance-remix consultant and touring drummer for 'Jordan & the Jazz Cat Cairo' a Bellevue-based synthpop/rock band looking to gig. Playing with J&JCC was Will's first opportunity to use electronic drum pads. Having lugged a double-kick acoustic drumset around on tour with F.B.I., Will decided it was going to be electronic drums for him form that point forward.

Following the break-up of J&JCC in 1993, Will was drumming and programming in several different electronic and industrial music projects (usually with former members of J&JCC) and continuing to refine his remixing skills. Among these projects were 'DJDood', 'Direct Effect', 'Cult Of Reason', and 'Second-hand Boyfriends'.

Currently Will is remixing songs for several different bands, preparing continuous-mix CD's, and producing re-edits for his own dj use. He is also drumming in rehearsals with the same long-time set of friends from J&JCC for a more acoustic/organic project, with the intention of playing out sometime in the Fall of 2005. An electronic "acoustic" band... who'd have thunk it?

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